How We Work

Wind River Woodworking conducts business using the personal touch. We make the extra effort to really know our clients and the piece they have brought in to be worked on. If you have a question on how we go about our business, maybe we have provided an answer on our FAQ page.

We use old world techniques to restore your antique furniture back to its original condition. Restoration is much more comprehensive then refinishing and it makes the piece look better and last longer then simply refinishing it does. Find out more about our method and capabilities below.

Our Method of Working

It's important to understand the difference between refinishing and restoration. When restoring a piece, we take the entire piece into consideration. Hardware, interior construction and functionality are all addressed, as well as the aesthetic value of the piece. While others may simply just refinish the surface, restoration is a far more comprehensive process. We take the time to do it by hand, carefully, as you would expect.

Some of our processes are different than other furniture restorers, so we feel it is important to educate our clients about our way of woodworking and restoration, before restoring their piece. This way they will know exactly what work is being done, and why it should be done in a certain way. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We believe that an educated and informed client is a much more satisfied client.


Today, furniture is not built to last as it once was. Therefore, we believe that Tradition is King, and take great pride in repairing and restoring antique pieces, as well as newer furniture. Some of our specific capabilities include:

  • Fabrication and replacement of missing pieces
  • NEVER dipping furniture, rather coaxing old finishes off using, brushes, dental tools, compressed air, and lots of elbow grease and patience
  • Working onsite to restore architectural mill work
  • Antique search service to locate that perfect piece for our clients
  • Procurement of hard to find hardware pieces for our clients
  • A large subcontractor base to service all antique furniture needs including upholstery, metalwork, antique lighting, and more