The Wind River Woodworking Family

Adam Lempel

Adam grew up on Long Island, NY and attended college at Southampton College, Long Island University, and Nassau Community College. After a 5 year apprenticeship with a fine woodworker and cabinet maker in Sea Cliff, New York, he moved to New Hampshire and briefly worked for another woodworking shop. Realizing a dream of independence, he opened Wind River Woodworking in 1985.

Wind River Woodworking has steadily grown and gained a reputation for quality. Adam has always taken great pride in his work, scrutinizes to the last detail, and enjoys a genuine enthusiasm for restored antique furniture. In his free time Adam enjoys riding his Harleys and hiking in the woods.


Steph...married Adam in 2005 and works as a Health Care Associate at a local medical office. Her work includes teaching and community outreach; and she is passionate about connecting with people in a meaningful way. Stephanie enjoys the outdoors, dancing and horror flicks and loves her afternoon coffee. In her spare time she enjoys piloting supersonic jet bombers and competitive newt racing.


Noah...born in April 2003; Noah is the reason Adam works so hard. Attending kindergarden at Chesterfield school Noah enjoys soccer and Disney computer games like Club Penguin. His passion seems to be the outdoors and summer camping is what Noah really loves. He is a great firewood gatherer and very helpful around camp. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up. he simply answers " everything". Hard to argue with that...


Born on March 1, 2008, Luna is a purebred German Shepard of champion lineage. Her blood line has been used as "sniffer dogs" in Germany.

Her great grandfather was imported to a breeder in the USA for the tidy sum of $10,000.00.

She is the apple of her "father's" eye and loves romping in the woods with her "brother" Noah.